Meet Rob Miles, 8th grade US History – My title? Miles of History

What’s your first and last name?

  • Rob Miles

What do you teach / what is your ‘title’ at school?

  • 8th grade US History – My title? Miles of History

How are you involved in education?

  • I am a social studies teacher and in my classroom, The Highway of History, we attempt to explore the continuous ribbon of happenings, one after another, the become the mile markers of “historical events” that influence our lives. As Miles of History, I facilitate their journey. I love what I do and I love middle schoolers!

What does your ideal school or classroom look like?

  • I would love to have a classroom of exploration. Students doing their own thing, figuring out how our current unit impacted the people the time and how it still echoes today. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes – Mark Twain (maybe!)Also, my ideal classroom would be an environment where students felt safe being wrong. I had a student tell me, “I don’t want to answer because what if I’m wrong?” Ideally, students should acknowledge errors but not dwell, not suffer because of them.

If you were to lead a session at Edcamp, what would it be about?

  • I’m not sure. Something historical. Something in which I could wear a hat. Probably integrating photography and videography into the modern classroom.

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