Save the Date: Saturday, Feb 15, 2014

Save the date and make plans now to attend the second annual EdCampOKC on Saturday, February 15, 2014! This year’s conference will be held at Grant High School in Oklahoma City Public Schools. Registration is FREE and is available online now via EventBrite. Check out our schedule, which is almost entirely identical to the schedule we followed in our first conference in 2013.

EdCamps are different and unique professional development events. In addition to being FREE for everyone, EdCamps are:

  1. Collaborative: EdCamp is all about meeting other teachers and learning together!
  2. Participant-led: Each EdCamp session is a conversation among many rather than a one-way presentation of ideas by one person or a group
  3. Dynamically planned: We create the schedule together in the morning during our first event
  4. Fun: As an all-volunteer learning event, fun is both encouraged and expected throughout the day!

Learn more about EdCamps by watching the videos linked and embedded on our ABOUT page.

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